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  • Promotional T-Shirts - A Great Marketing Technique

    T shirts are one of the most popular types of clothing, and are used by thousands of businesses as a promotional tool. Anyone wearing a t-shirt with your company logo on it becomes a walking billboard for your brand. The style that you choose for your promotional t-shirts can have a big effect on their popularity. A comfortable, attractive t-shirt will be worn again and again, increasing the exposure for your company or product far beyond the original event at which it is given. Promotional clothing is a popular way to solidify a corporate image. For example, businessmen wear branded polo shirts on the golf course, whilst young folk sport fleece jackets embroidered with the logos of their favourite products and companies.The promotional industry does not just focus on clothing though, as there are literally thousands of different promotional items available, all of which have their own uses. You need to think outside the box and consider what your promotional items and products are intended to accomplish. You can purchase promotional products from as little as 12p upwards. All products previously produced as Leather goods can now be made from PU - usually for less than half the price. This produced a temporary boost for UK manufacturers. Promotional products work out far cheaper than other forms of advertising such as radio and print, and usually have a much longer effect.A common item is the promotional mug. These have been around for years and still prove popular through the whole business community. They are one of the most popular items in the promotional product segmen ...

  • Do You Make These 8 Costly Mistakes When Buying Promotional Products?

     Imprinted advertising specialties are ideal low cost promotional gifts for prospects, employees and clients. When used properly, promotional products can keep your name in front of your prospects when they will be planning to use your services or products. Imprinted ad specialty gifts can also help earn you referrals and promote your brand and message. In fact, specialty advertising can be among your lowest cost per impression method of advertising and yield substantial returns on investment for your advertising dollar.However, in over 24 years in the promotional products industry, I have seen the same mistakes being made time after time that end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Here are the top 8 mistakes to avoid when ordering promotional products for a trade show, direct mail campaign, or for any other event. How many of these mistakes have you made?1) Avoid Unnecessary Set ups Charges: When setting up any imprinted order, from catalog printing and business cards to advertising specialties, there is considerable time needed upfront to set up the presses.With advertising specialties, many times there are jigs that need to be prepared which hold the item in place, ink colors that need to be tested, trial runs to make sure the colors and inks are correct, etc. These steps can take as much as 30-45 minutes or longer on many jobs, so most advertising specialty orders have a setup charge fee to help defray these costs. For the customer who continuously places a minimum reorder for the same product, they can often be hit with setup charges several times a ye ...

  • Why Promotional Items Have an Effect on Buyers

     Spending money on promotional items in this economic climate might seem like a luxury for a business, but it's not. The fact of the matter is that promotions can have a very big impact on clients and potential buyers. There are certain features that creative and effective promotional marketing campaigns can deliver that other forms of advertising simply cannot rival.Promotional Products Association International, an American-based industry organisation, points to a number of proven facts about promotional items that show just how smart of an investment the right promotions happen to be. Unlike other forms of advertising, promotions can appeal to the senses by reaching out not only to the eyes and ears, but also touch, smell and even taste. What sets a good campaign apart is its tangible nature.Some of the factors that make using promotional advertising a smart idea include:* The ability to drive traffic - When companies set up at community events, tradeshows and other high-traffic gatherings, the tables that offer promotional giveaways are generally the most trafficked. This is especially so if promotions are creative, unique, fun or useful.* The ability to improve direct mail campaigns - Most people find themselves inundated with "junk mail." When direct mailers are turned into welcomed arrivals thanks to the inclusion of promotional giveaways, recipients tend to take notice. If the items capture attention, the likelihood of response rates going up is certainly present.* The ability to increase incoming referrals - When people enjoy a product or service, they tend to pas ...

  • Characteristics of Good Promotional Gifts - What to Consider When Selecting Promotional Merchandise

     You have decided to include promotional gifts in your marketing strategy, but the choice is massive! How do you go about deciding what will make the perfect promotional item to compliment and fulfill your brief, whilst ensuring the best return on your marketing investment?Budget You know your available budget and your target audience. Does your budget allow you to choose something of high value for a smaller group, or do you need to spread your marketing messages far and wide to as many people as possible? This is obviously fundamental in influencing your choice of promotional gift for your project. If you are looking for high quality gifts for valued clients, you may consider such items as a Camera, Hip Flask, Jewelery Box, MP4 Player or a Gift Box of Champagne and Flutes. Value mass marketing items could be Pens, Mugs, Mouse Mats, Key rings, Chocolates and Sweets, Flip-Flops, Glow-sticks or Balloons.Relevance/Compatibility The promotional merchandise you choose should be relevant to your campaign. Choose a gift which is compatible with the qualities and characteristics of either your company and/or the product or service you are promoting. The more closely relevant your choice of gift, the more potent it will be in supporting your marketing messages. For example a travel-related company could choose from a whole range of travel-related gifts such as Passport Holders, Luggage Tags, Bags, Toiletries, Ear Buds, Travel Cushions or Travel Plugs.Suitability Consider the demographic of the target audience for your promotional items. This knowledge is crucial in choosing the ...

  • Promotional Gifts For the Holidays - Win Marketing Trifecta

     There are not many things in the business world that can accomplish the trifecta of marketing like giving promotional gifts for the holidays to customers as they say thanks for your business, create a bond between buyers and sellers all while promoting your company's brand in a powerful but most unassuming way. Most marketing programs will allocate certain parts of their budget and efforts to merely address each one of these things separately. But the promotional gifts given to customers during the holidays does it all. When I hear marketing managers or business owners say they are cutting back or even cutting out the holiday gifts this year to save money or spend more on other areas of marketing I ponder why? There is a misunderstanding as to the power and effectiveness of giving promotional gifts for the holidays to customers. Unfortunately, some of these managers and owners see the gifts as money thrown away not as a magnificent marketing tool. There are few things more powerful in business relationships than to say thank you except when you say thank you with a gift as it captures the gratefulness in a physical form to stay with the recipient for a long period of time reminding that person how your company went out of it's way to say thank you. Long after your customer receives that promotional gift they will have it to remind them of your company's gratitude for their business. This is the stuff customer loyalty is built upon. This is the kind of bonding between your company and their customers that you want to create. Choose the right promotional gift and you will s ...

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